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thegatemaster asked: I'm noticing some similarities in clothing with some of the concepts, is this indicative of factional or cultural sides? Like i could see the two pink characters being part of an army or guards of a city whilst the ice user and the water being part of another faction or even just cilvilians and thats just they clothes they wear where they live.

First of all, if you’re referring to the 2nd character in this post then sorry but they’re not in the same story, that character is just something I created randomly.

Secondly, I’m assuming the “ice-user” you’re referring to is the lady in my latest post, who is actually a gemstone/rock manipulator. The reason the gems look like ice is because it’s meant to resemble turquoise but I can understand the mix-up.

I’d love to be able to explain where these characters are from but that would require a post of its own so if you can give me a minute I can whip something up to help explain them.

Thank you for taking such interest in my story and I promise I’ll work as diligently as I can to ensure that you won’t have to wait a long time to finally be able to read the comic! (ؑᵒᵕؑ̇ᵒ)◞✧

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Decided to post another concept I did a couple days ago. This is also for my webcomic (which I’m working on, I promise OTL)

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Want the stickers but don’t think you’ll win? Preorder them at the store!

Hello everyone!

With Free! ES being four episodes in, I decided to make some stickers to sell over at my storenvy. However, I ended up printing out two test prints and it would be a waste to throw them out, so I am holding a giveaway for these sheets!


  • You don’t have to follow (follows are appreciated though)
  • 1 like & reblog per person
  • No giveaway blogs
  • You must be comfortable giving me your address in the event that you win
  • You must have your ask box open, otherwise I will skip you and pick another winner.

There will be 2 winners, one per sheet, and this contest will end on August 13th at 12AM EST. The winners will be decided through RNG and will be messaged by myself.

Good luck!

thegatemaster asked: i've noticed a contradiction regarding the commissions, On the post itself chibi flat are priced at 15$ whilst on the page it's listed as 10$.

oh shoot, thanks for that. Didn’t even notice!

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thegatemaster replied to your post: Couple of concepts for characters in m…

okay holy shit, these are amazing,I cant wait to see the comic when it comes out,I want to know more about these characters

aaaah thank you! it makes me really happy to hear stuff like that!

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Couple of concepts for characters in my comic.

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I like the transparent sword

thank ye

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A couple of character designs I did today. I like the bottom one a lot.

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Re-uploaded the commission post because I changed the site and added more stuff to my ToS!

For more information, please refer to my commission page!

Commission Info


I’ve moved my commission info to a page on my art blog! It’s been revamped + updated with new information and a better way to view examples of each type of commission.

Feel free to read it through if you’re interested in commissioning me!

Check out the new commission page on the link to the right!

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