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thegatemaster replied to your post: A couple of character designs I did to…

I like the transparent sword

thank ye

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A couple of character designs I did today. I like the bottom one a lot.

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Re-uploaded the commission post because I changed the site and added more stuff to my ToS!

For more information, please refer to my commission page!

Commission Info


I’ve moved my commission info to a page on my art blog! It’s been revamped + updated with new information and a better way to view examples of each type of commission.

Feel free to read it through if you’re interested in commissioning me!

Check out the new commission page on the link to the right!

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Guess who can kinda draw again.

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thegatemaster asked: For colory number thing: Freeloft protag + 17


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dramatical-daemon asked: Ib and thirteen.


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Decided to push myself back into the drawing mood by doing a screencap redraw! This took pretty much my entire morning but I’m happy with how it came out. (ovo;)b

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Starter Pokemon Stickers are now available on Storenvy!

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[This domain is SHATTERED]

Original character for Cap’s cool game idea. Took me forever to do this OTL

The main idea is that the player wakes up in a dark hall of mirrors. Their goal is to guide their way through and find the exit without getting killed or pulled in by the ghostly reflections. It is advised not to break the mirrors.

I’ll add more when I think of more stuff but yeah here’s the general gist.

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